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addr2line(1)        - convert addresses into file names and line numbers.
ar(1)               - create, modify, and extract from archives
as(1)               - the portable GNU assembler.
base64(1)           - base64 encode/decode data and print to standard output
basename(1)         - strip directory and suffix from filenames
bc(1)               - An arbitrary precision calculator language
bison(1)            - GNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement)
bzcmp(1)            - compare bzip2 compressed files
bzdiff(1)           - compare bzip2 compressed files
bzegrep(1)          - search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular e...
bzfgrep(1)          - search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular e...
bzgrep(1)           - search possibly bzip2 compressed files for a regular e...
bzip2(1)            - a block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.4
bzless(1)           - file perusal filter for crt viewing of bzip2 compresse...
bzmore(1)           - file perusal filter for crt viewing of bzip2 compresse...
cat(1)              - concatenate files and print on the standard output
c++filt(1)          - Demangle C++ and Java symbols.
chgrp(1)            - change group ownership
chmod(1)            - change file mode bits
chown(1)            - change file owner and group
cksum(1)            - checksum and count the bytes in a file
cmp(1)              - compare two files byte by byte
comm(1)             - compare two sorted files line by line
cp(1)               - copy files and directories
cpp(1)              - The C Preprocessor
csplit(1)           - split a file into sections determined by context lines
cut(1)              - remove sections from each line of files
date(1)             - print or set the system date and time
dc(1)               - an arbitrary precision calculator
dd(1)               - convert and copy a file
df(1)               - report file system disk space usage
diff(1)             - compare files line by line
diff3(1)            - compare three files line by line
dir(1)              - list directory contents
dircolors(1)        - color setup for ls
dirname(1)          - strip non-directory suffix from file name
dlltool(1)          - Create files needed to build and use DLLs.
dosbox(1)           - an x86/DOS emulator with sound/graphics
du(1)               - estimate file space usage
echo(1)             - display a line of text
egrep(1)            - print lines matching a pattern
env(1)              - run a program in a modified environment
expand(1)           - convert tabs to spaces
expr(1)             - evaluate expressions
factor(1)           - factor numbers
false(1)            - do nothing, unsuccessfully
fgrep(1)            - print lines matching a pattern
find(1)             - search for files in a directory hierarchy
flex(1)             - fast lexical analyzer generator
fmt(1)              - simple optimal text formatter
fold(1)             - wrap each input line to fit in specified width
fsf-funding(7)      - Funding Free Software
g++(1)              - GNU project C and C++ compiler
gawk(1)             - pattern scanning and processing language
gcc(1)              - GNU project C and C++ compiler
gcov(1)             - coverage testing tool
gfdl(7)             - GNU Free Documentation License
gpl(7)              - GNU General Public License
gprof(1)            - display call graph profile data
grep(1)             - print lines matching a pattern
groups(1)           - print the groups a user is in
gunzip(1)           - compress or expand files
gzexe(1)            - compress executable files in place
gzip(1)             - compress or expand files
head(1)             - output the first part of files
hostname(1)         - set or print the name of the current host system
iconv(1)            - character set conversion
iconv(3)            - perform character set conversion
iconv_close(3)      - deallocate descriptor for character set conversion
iconvctl(3)         - control iconv behavior
iconv_open(3)       - allocate descriptor for character set conversion
id(1)               - print user identity
igawk(1)            - gawk with include files
install(1)          - copy files and set attributes
join(1)             - join lines of two files on a common field
kill(1)             - send signals to processes, or list signals
ld(1)               - The GNU linker
libxml(3)           - library used to parse XML files
link(1)             - call the link function to create a link to a file
ln(1)               - make links between files
locate(1)           - list files in databases that match a pattern
locatedb(5)         - front-compressed file name database
logname(1)          - print user's login name
ls(1)               - list directory contents
m4(1)               - manual page for M4 1.4.5
make(1)             - GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs
md5sum(1)           - compute and check MD5 message digest
mkdir(1)            - make directories
mkfifo(1)           - make FIFOs (named pipes)
mknod(1)            - make block or character special files
mv(1)               - move(rename) files
nl(1)               - number lines of files
nlmconv(1)          - converts object code into an NLM.
nm(1)               - list symbols from object files
nohup(1)            - run a command immune to hangups, with output to a non-tty
objcopy(1)          - copy and translate object files
objdump(1)          - display information from object files.
od(1)               - dump files in octal and other formats
paste(1)            - merge lines of files
patch(1)            - apply a diff file to an original
pathchk(1)          - check whether file names are valid or portable
pcre(3)             - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcreapi(3)          - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrebuild(3)        - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrecallout(3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrecompat(3)       - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_compile(3)     - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_config(3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_copy_named_substring(3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_copy_substring(3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_exec(3)        - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_free_substring(3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_free_substring_list(3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_fullinfo(3)    - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_named_substring(3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_stringnumber(3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_substring(3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_get_substring_list(3) - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcregrep(1)         - a grep with Perl-compatible regular expressions.
pcre_info(3)        - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_maketables(3)  - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcrepattern(3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcreperform(3)      - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcreposix(3)        - Perl-compatible regular expressions.
pcresample(3)       - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcre_study(3)       - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pcretest(1)         - a program for testing Perl-compatible regular expressi...
pcre_version(3)     - Perl-compatible regular expressions
pgawk(1)            - pattern scanning and processing language
pr(1)               - convert text files for printing
printenv(1)         - print all or part of environment
printf(1)           - format and print data
ptx(1)              - produce a permuted index of file contents
pwd(1)              - print name of current/working directory
ranlib(1)           - generate index to archive.
readelf(1)          - Displays information about ELF files.
readlink(1)         - display value of a symbolic link
rm(1)               - remove files or directories
rmdir(1)            - remove empty directories
sdiff(1)            - side-by-side merge of file differences
SDL_ActiveEvent(3)  - Application visibility event structure
SDL_AddTimer(3)     - Add a timer which will call a callback after the speci...
SDL_AudioCVT(3)     - Audio Conversion Structure
SDL_AudioSpec(3)    - Audio Specification Structure
SDL_BlitSurface(3)  - This performs a fast blit from the source surface to t...
SDL_BuildAudioCVT(3) - Initializes a SDL_AudioCVT structure for conversion
SDL_CD(3)           - CDROM Drive Information
SDL_CDClose(3)      - Closes a SDL_CD handle
SDL_CDEject(3)      - Ejects a CDROM
SDL_CDName(3)       - Returns a human-readable, system-dependent identifier ...
SDL_CDNumDrives(3)  - Returns the number of CD-ROM drives on the system.
SDL_CDOpen(3)       - Opens a CD-ROM drive for access.
SDL_CDPause(3)      - Pauses a CDROM
SDL_CDPlay(3)       - Play a CD
SDL_CDPlayTracks(3) - Play the given CD track(s)
SDL_CDResume(3)     - Resumes a CDROM
SDL_CDStatus(3)     - Returns the current status of the given drive.
SDL_CDStop(3)       - Stops a CDROM
SDL_CDtrack(3)      - CD Track Information Structure
SDL_CloseAudio(3)   - Shuts down audio processing and closes the audio device.
SDL_Color(3)        - Format independent color description
SDL_CondBroadcast(3) - Restart all threads waiting on a condition variable
SDL_CondSignal(3)   - Restart a thread wait on a condition variable
SDL_CondWait(3)     - Wait on a condition variable
SDL_CondWaitTimeout(3) - Wait on a condition variable, with timeout
SDL_ConvertAudio(3) - Convert audio data to a desired audio format.
SDL_ConvertSurface(3) - Converts a surface to the same format as another sur...
SDL_CreateCond(3)   - Create a condition variable
SDL_CreateCursor(3) - Creates a new mouse cursor.
SDL_CreateMutex(3)  - Create a mutex
SDL_CreateRGBSurface(3) - Create an empty SDL_Surface
SDL_CreateRGBSurfaceFrom(3) - Create an SDL_Surface from pixel data
SDL_CreateSemaphore(3) - Creates a new semaphore and assigns an initial valu...
SDL_CreateThread(3) - Creates a new thread of execution that shares its pare...
SDL_CreateYUVOverlay(3) - Create a YUV video overlay
SDL_Delay(3)        - Wait a specified number of milliseconds before returning.
SDL_DestroyCond(3)  - Destroy a condition variable
SDL_DestroyMutex(3) - Destroy a mutex
SDL_DestroySemaphore(3) - Destroys a semaphore that was created by SDL_Creat...
SDL_DisplayFormat(3) - Convert a surface to the display format
SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha(3) - Convert a surface to the display format
SDL_DisplayYUVOverlay(3) - Blit the overlay to the display
SDL_EnableKeyRepeat(3) - Set keyboard repeat rate.
SDL_EnableUNICODE(3) - Enable UNICODE translation
SDL_Event(3)        - General event structure
SDL_EventState(3)   - This function allows you to set the state of processin...
SDL_ExposeEvent(3)  - Quit requested event
SDL_FillRect(3)     - This function performs a fast fill of the given rectan...
SDL_Flip(3)         - Swaps screen buffers
SDL_FreeCursor(3)   - Frees a cursor created with SDL_CreateCursor.
SDL_FreeSurface(3)  - Frees(deletes) a SDL_Surface
SDL_FreeWAV(3)      - Frees previously opened WAV data
SDL_FreeYUVOverlay(3) - Free a YUV video overlay
SDL_GetAppState(3)  - Get the state of the application
SDL_GetAudioStatus(3) - Get the current audio state
SDL_GetClipRect(3)  - Gets the clipping rectangle for a surface.
SDL_GetCursor(3)    - Get the currently active mouse cursor.
SDL_GetError(3)     - Get SDL error string
SDL_GetEventFilter(3) - Retrieves a pointer to he event filter
SDL_GetGamma(3)     - Gets the gamma of the display
SDL_GetGammaRamp(3) - Gets the color gamma lookup tables for the display
SDL_GetKeyName(3)   - Get the name of an SDL virtual keysym
SDL_GetKeyState(3)  - Get a snapshot of the current keyboard state
SDL_GetModState(3)  - Get the state of modifier keys.
SDL_GetMouseState(3) - Retrieve the current state of the mouse
SDL_GetRelativeMouseState(3) - Retrieve the current state of the mouse
SDL_GetRGB(3)       - Get RGB values from a pixel in the specified pixel for...
SDL_GetRGBA(3)      - Get RGBA values from a pixel in the specified pixel fo...
SDL_GetThreadID(3)  - Get the SDL thread ID of a SDL_Thread
SDL_GetTicks(3)     - Get the number of milliseconds since the SDL library i...
SDL_GetVideoInfo(3) - returns a pointer to information about the video hardware
SDL_GetVideoSurface(3) - returns a pointer to the current display surface
SDL_GLattr(3)       - SDL GL Attributes
SDL_GL_GetAttribute(3) - Get the value of a special SDL/OpenGL attribute
SDL_GL_GetProcAddress(3) - Get the address of a GL function
SDL_GL_LoadLibrary(3) - Specify an OpenGL library
SDL_GL_SetAttribute(3) - Set a special SDL/OpenGL attribute
SDL_GL_SwapBuffers(3) - Swap OpenGL framebuffers/Update Display
SDL_Init(3)         - Initializes SDL
SDL_InitSubSystem(3) - Initialize subsystems
SDL_JoyAxisEvent(3) - Joystick axis motion event structure
SDL_JoyBallEvent(3) - Joystick trackball motion event structure
SDL_JoyButtonEvent(3) - Joystick button event structure
SDL_JoyHatEvent(3)  - Joystick hat position change event structure
SDL_JoystickClose(3) - Closes a previously opened joystick
SDL_JoystickEventState(3) - Enable/disable joystick event polling
SDL_JoystickGetAxis(3) - Get the current state of an axis
SDL_JoystickGetBall(3) - Get relative trackball motion
SDL_JoystickGetButton(3) - Get the current state of a given button on a give...
SDL_JoystickGetHat(3) - Get the current state of a joystick hat
SDL_JoystickIndex(3) - Get the index of an SDL_Joystick.
SDL_JoystickName(3) - Get joystick name.
SDL_JoystickNumAxes(3) - Get the number of joystick axes
SDL_JoystickNumBalls(3) - Get the number of joystick trackballs
SDL_JoystickNumButtons(3) - Get the number of joysitck buttons
SDL_JoystickNumHats(3) - Get the number of joystick hats
SDL_JoystickOpen(3) - Opens a joystick for use.
SDL_JoystickOpened(3) - Determine if a joystick has been opened
SDL_JoystickUpdate(3) - Updates the state of all joysticks
SDLKey(3)           - SDL Keysym Definitions
SDL_KeyboardEvent(3) - Keyboard event structure
SDL_keysym(3)       - Keysym structure
SDL_KillThread(3)   - Gracelessly terminates the thread.
SDL_ListModes(3)    - Returns a pointer to an array of available screen dime...
SDL_LoadBMP(3)      - Load a Windows BMP file into an SDL_Surface.
SDL_LoadWAV(3)      - Load a WAVE file
SDL_LockAudio(3)    - Lock out the callback function
SDL_LockSurface(3)  - Lock a surface for directly access.
SDL_LockYUVOverlay(3) - Lock an overlay
SDL_MapRGB(3)       - Map a RGB color value to a pixel format.
SDL_MapRGBA(3)      - Map a RGBA color value to a pixel format.
SDL_MixAudio(3)     - Mix audio data
SDL_MouseButtonEvent(3) - Mouse button event structure
SDL_MouseMotionEvent(3) - Mouse motion event structure
SDL_mutexP(3)       - Lock a mutex
SDL_mutexV(3)       - Unlock a mutex
SDL_NumJoysticks(3) - Count available joysticks.
SDL_OpenAudio(3)    - Opens the audio device with the desired parameters.
SDL_Overlay(3)      - YUV video overlay
SDL_Palette(3)      - Color palette for 8-bit pixel formats
SDL_PauseAudio(3)   - Pauses and unpauses the audio callback processing
SDL_PeepEvents(3)   - Checks the event queue for messages and optionally ret...
SDL_PixelFormat(3)  - Stores surface format information
SDL_PollEvent(3)    - Polls for currently pending events.
SDL_PumpEvents(3)   - Pumps the event loop, gathering events from the input ...
SDL_PushEvent(3)    - Pushes an event onto the event queue
SDL_Quit(3)         - Shut down SDL
SDL_QuitEvent(3)    - Quit requested event
SDL_QuitSubSystem(3) - Shut down a subsystem
SDL_Rect(3)         - Defines a rectangular area
SDL_RemoveTimer(3)  - Remove a timer which was added with SDL_AddTimer.
SDL_ResizeEvent(3)  - Window resize event structure
SDL_RWFromFile(3)   - Short description of function
SDL_SaveBMP(3)      - Save an SDL_Surface as a Windows BMP file.
SDL_SemPost(3)      - Unlock a semaphore.
SDL_SemTryWait(3)   - Attempt to lock a semaphore but don't suspend the thread.
SDL_SemValue(3)     - Return the current value of a semaphore.
SDL_SemWait(3)      - Lock a semaphore and suspend the thread if the semapho...
SDL_SemWaitTimeout(3) - Lock a semaphore, but only wait up to a specified ma...
SDL_SetAlpha(3)     - Adjust the alpha properties of a surface
SDL_SetClipRect(3)  - Sets the clipping rectangle for a surface.
SDL_SetColorKey(3)  - Sets the color key (transparent pixel) in a blittable ...
SDL_SetColors(3)    - Sets a portion of the colormap for the given 8-bit sur...
SDL_SetCursor(3)    - Set the currently active mouse cursor.
SDL_SetEventFilter(3) - Sets up a filter to process all events before they a...
SDL_SetGamma(3)     - Sets the color gamma function for the display
SDL_SetGammaRamp(3) - Sets the color gamma lookup tables for the display
SDL_SetModState(3)  - Set the current key modifier state
SDL_SetPalette(3)   - Sets the colors in the palette of an 8-bit surface.
SDL_SetTimer(3)     - Set a callback to run after the specified number of mi...
SDL_SetVideoMode(3) - Set up a video mode with the specified width, height a...
SDL_ShowCursor(3)   - Toggle whether or not the cursor is shown on the screen.
SDL_Surface(3)      - Graphical Surface Structure
SDL_SysWMEvent(3)   - Platform-dependent window manager event.
SDL_ThreadID(3)     - Get the 32-bit thread identifier for the current thread.
SDL_UnlockAudio(3)  - Unlock the callback function
SDL_UnlockSurface(3) - Unlocks a previously locked surface.
SDL_UnlockYUVOverlay(3) - Unlock an overlay
SDL_UpdateRect(3)   - Makes sure the given area is updated on the given screen.
SDL_UpdateRects(3)  - Makes sure the given list of rectangles is updated on ...
SDL_UserEvent(3)    - A user-defined event type
SDL_VideoDriverName(3) - Obtain the name of the video driver
SDL_VideoInfo(3)    - Video Target information
SDL_VideoModeOK(3)  - Check to see if a particular video mode is supported.
SDL_WaitEvent(3)    - Waits indefinitely for the next available event.
SDL_WaitThread(3)   - Wait for a thread to finish.
SDL_WarpMouse(3)    - Set the position of the mouse cursor.
SDL_WasInit(3)      - Check which subsystems are initialized
SDL_WM_GetCaption(3) - Gets the window title and icon name.
SDL_WM_GrabInput(3) - Grabs mouse and keyboard input.
SDL_WM_IconifyWindow(3) - Iconify/Minimise the window
SDL_WM_SetCaption(3) - Sets the window tile and icon name.
SDL_WM_SetIcon(3)   - Sets the icon for the display window.
SDL_WM_ToggleFullScreen(3) - Toggles fullscreen mode
sed(1)              - stream editor for filtering and transforming text
seq(1)              - print a sequence of numbers
sha1sum(1)          - compute and check SHA1 message digest
sha224sum(1)        - compute and check SHA224 message digest
sha256sum(1)        - compute and check SHA256 message digest
sha384sum(1)        - compute and check SHA384 message digest
sha512sum(1)        - compute and check SHA512 message digest
shred(1)            - overwrite a file to hide its contents, and optionally ...
shuf(1)             - generate random permutations
size(1)             - list section sizes and total size.
sleep(1)            - delay for a specified amount of time
sort(1)             - sort lines of text files
split(1)            - split a file into pieces
stat(1)             - display file or file system status
strings(1)          - print the strings of printable characters in files.
strip(1)            - Discard symbols from object files.
su(1)               - run a shell with substitute user and group IDs
sum(1)              - checksum and count the blocks in a file
sync(1)             - flush file system buffers
tac(1)              - concatenate and print files in reverse
tail(1)             - output the last part of files
tee(1)              - read from standard input and write to standard output ...
test(1)             - check file types and compare values
touch(1)            - change file timestamps
tr(1)               - translate or delete characters
true(1)             - do nothing, successfully
tsort(1)            - perform topological sort
tty(1)              - print the file name of the terminal connected to stand...
uname(1)            - print system information
unexpand(1)         - convert spaces to tabs
uniq(1)             - report or omit repeated lines
unlink(1)           - call the unlink function to remove the specified file
updatedb(1)         - update a file name database
vdir(1)             - list directory contents
wc(1)               - print newline, word, and byte counts for each file
which(1)            - shows the full path of(shell) commands.
whoami(1)           - print effective userid
windmc(1)           - generates Windows message resources.
windres(1)          - manipulate Windows resources.
xargs(1)            - build and execute command lines from standard input
xml2-config(1)      - script to get information about the installed version ...
xmlcatalog(1)       - Command line tool to parse and manipulate XML or SGML ...
xmllint(1)          - command line XML tool
yes(1)              - output a string repeatedly until killed
zcat(1)             - compress or expand files
zcmp(1)             - compare compressed files
zdiff(1)            - compare compressed files
zforce(1)           - force a '.gz' extension on all gzip files
zgrep(1)            - search possibly compressed files for a regular expression
zless(1)            - file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text
zmore(1)            - file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text
znew(1)             - recompress .Z files to .gz files

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